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The GenSearch and more Blog is an informative post with simple instructions for finding your ancestors. This is not a travel log or a post just for links to other sites.  It is a true research blog that discusses simple methods and original sources. The Blog launch was May 27th, 2014, with a Free subscription for everyone until all Primary Source posts and an Index are completed.  After that time, the Blog will be available for subscribers only for $18.00 per year. The Blog will be posted on the 10th, 20th and the last day of each month.

Get everything you need to successfully search for U. S. ancestors in our new Shortcut to Genealogy Kit. The Kit contains (1) Instructions page, (1) Ancestral Chart, (1) set of three Shortcut to Genealogy Checklists, and (1) Shortcut to Genealogy Sources book. Genealogy research is easy when you know what to look for (in the Checklists) and where to find it (in the book).  See the Publications Page.

The Shortcut to Genealogy Checklists feature over 50 Primary and Secondary sources of genealogy information for people who lived in the United States in three time periods:  Pre-1800, 1800-1879, and 1880-2014.  Look for the sources on the checklists.  Check the source box and instantly organize your research.  You will know what you have already searched for.  Checklists are sold in a set of three, available as a pdf download.  A partial copyright release allows you to make copies for personal use.  See the Publications Page.

Over 100 Primary and Secondary United States sources are described in our new book, Shortcut to Genealogy Sources.  An online location (if available) or a place to find additional information is noted for every source.  See the Publications Page.

A Free Shortcut to Genealogy Instructions page will guide you through the research process.  Click Here for the free download.

A Free Shortcut to Genealogy Analysis page will help you determine what information is lacking in your family history.  See the Blog Archives for prior posts on analysis.   Click Here for the free download.  

GenSearch and more offers a U.S. Genealogical Research Service.  A fee quote can be provided via email.  See Contact Us link above.