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Starting August 10th, our BLOG – Genealogical Research Simplified – will feature three posts a month utilizing easy research methods and original sources. Click on Blog in the top bar for a membership subscription/$18 per year.

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Sample Blog Posts cover the Genealogical Process and Primary Sources (Births, Marriages, Deaths). All of the Sample Blog Posts are FREE.
The Genealogy Kit contains an Instructions Page, one Six Generation Ancestral Chart, three Checklists, and one Shortcut to Genealogy Sources Book.
Our Ancestral Chart has spaces for birth date/place, marriage date/place, death date/place, and cemetery name/place for six generations of ancestors. Chart size is 22.5 x 25 inches, folded to 8 ½ x 11 inches.
Census History Forms are one 8/1/2 x 14 inch page, folded to 8/1/2 x 11 inches. There is space for a family of 12 with columns for tracking up to ten census years of basic data.
The Shortcut to Genealogy Sources Book contains over 100 Primary and Secondary Sources for U. S. genealogical information. 

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  • by Sharon MonsonThe Genealogy Research Simplified blog has posts that get to the core of what is needed to be


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As a Professional Genealogist, Author, and Blogger, Sharon Monson shares the research skills she has learned over the past 30+ years. Her goal is to teach people a simplified research process using primary and secondary sources effectively.